SATURN-i for Education

SATURN-i is a highly customizable next generation system security solution and can be figured to fit the specific needs of educational institutions.

Online assessments, web-based learning tools, and mobile devices are driving the future of education. Prepare your classrooms for the demands of the 21st century with the Mission Multiplier SATURN-i.

Solutions Perfect for Education

Give teachers ample access to the resources they need while simultaneously blocking students from content that would be distracting, inappropriate, or potentially harmful to your network with web filtering and next-generation firewalls that qualify under Category II of CIPA Compliance. Allow case-by-case exceptions and special permissions with flexible policy management. Make bandwidth issues during standardized testing or web-based lessons a thing of the past with custom bandwidth control. Protection, convenience, and education can now go hand-in-hand.


Reccommended App Configuration for Education

Saturn-i Has You Covered

  • Unique and granular policies for students, teachers, administrators, individual classrooms, school sites, and district offices
  • Optimized bandwidth for high-priority traffic (online assessments, web-based learning tools, etc.)
  • Simple tools for network administrators to quickly respond to the dynamic needs of teachers and staff
  • Enables CIPA Compliance
  • Makes concerns about BYOD a thing of the past
  • Filters for social media and inappropriate or high-bandwidth content
  • Mobile Policy Enforcement for 1:1 Initiatives
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • Real-time reporting that lets you drill down to view and control individual user activity
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