SATURN-i for Hospitality/Venues

SATURN-i is a highly customizable next generation system security solution and can be figured to fit the specific needs of venues and the hospitality industry.

Wi-Fi is now the top amenity customers want. It’s mandatory for hotels, event venues, and other hospitality businesses to provide a high level of service cost-effectively. Making this Wi-Fi available is simple. Ensuring a secure and reliable internet connection for all of the users on the network is not quite as easy. The Mission Multiplier SATURN-i changes that.

Solutions Perfect for the Hospitality/Venue Industry

With the SATURN-i’s next generation firewall and suite of other security applications, you can provide a secure and reliable internet connection to visitors, customers, staff, and administration alike. Keep threats at bay and business operations running smoothly, all with one affordable and easy-to-implement solution.


Reccommended App Configuration for the Hospitality/Venue Industry

Saturn-i Has You Covered

  • Easily deploy and manage internet access that is cost-effective for free users, and profitable for paid users
  • Captive Portal to identify every user and their network access level
  • Unique and granular policies with Active Directory/LDAP integration for tiered service levels and organizational departments
  • Prevent network slowdowns caused by any individual or group of users and applications
  • Provide optimal QoS for in-room technologies such as VoIP, VOD, IPTV & VPN
  • Optimized bandwidth for mission-critical back-office applications (reservation and administration tools, POS, etc.)
  • Helps meet PCI DSS requirements
  • Layer 7 application awareness to identify all incoming application traffic regardless of port destination
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