Change Management

Business Process Re-Engineering

It’s all in the process. But when it’s not, Mission Multiplier can assist with redefining that process and implementing the associate changes to reduce headaches, improve security, and increase efficiency.

Evaluate, Standardize, Integrate

Take outdated or inefficient business processes, tear them apart, and rebuild them to fit your needs. Mission Multiplier’s business process re-engineering capability helps you standardize and integrate business processes to more effectively support their mission.

  • Identify roles and responsibilities to manage
  • Monitor business process changes impacting the mission
  • Establish processes, tools, and templates for tracking and monitoring business process changes
  • Ensure that IT security changes are appropriately Requested, Analyzed, Documented, Approved, Tracked, and Monitored

Cyber Security Huntsville Al Change Management Crane

Processes Minus the Pain

We help you with identifying proper roles and responsibilities, then establishing the best processes, tools, and templates for tracking and monitoring security changes. As a result, you can:

  • Avoid unnecessary and painfully repetitive data collections
  • Ensure increased efficiency
  • Sleep a little easier at night

Cyber Security Huntsville Al Change Management Maze

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