Cyber Controls Deployment

Mission Multiplier possesses the capability to design security controls to appropriately protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, while directly supporting the organizational mission and goals.

Custom Tailored Security Controls

Proper security controls enable you to identify and adhere to your targeted risk profile. Mission Multiplier delivers unmatched control design and deployment capabilities so you can do so with the highest standard of dependability.

Throughout the design and deployment process, we provide support with:

  • Information system categorization (critical/sensitive)
  • Security controls selection
  • Baseline selection and customization
  • Implementation of supplemental controls based on risk assessment
  • System Security Plan control documentation
  • System control implementation and assessment
  • Evaluation of controls on a continuous basis for continually emerging threats and vulnerabilities

Cyber Security Huntsville Al Engineering Custom Security

Be Both Secure and Efficient

Using our security control design/deployment capability, Mission Multiplier enables you to:

  • Maintain impeccable security
  • Ensure compliance with system accreditation standards
  • Clearly discern the level of investment necessary to implement the targeted security profile/baseline
  • Efficiently manage the cost and control of an enterprise-wide risk profile/baseline

Cyber Security Huntsville Al Engineering Secure

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