Organizational Design

Organizational Design

Mission Multiplier understands that organizational design is a big challenge impacting mission effectiveness for most IT security programs. We bring unique insights into how to best organize information security programs from a governance perspective, no matter how unique your needs.

A Model to Fit Your Cybersecurity Needs

Mission Multiplier works with clients to structure organizational models and security function blueprints around unique cybersecurity needs.

Our custom approach takes into account your organization’s:

  • Business value proposition
  • Current operating environment
  • Decision-making culture
  • Overall business objectives

Based on your individualized security function blueprint, corresponding organizational roles are synchronized to your ideal organizational model. Everyone ends up in the right seats.

Cyber Security Huntsville Al Governance Organizational Model

Benefits of Good Structure

  • Increased coordination between enterprise-wide security activities
  • Greater consistency in risk management
  • Optimized allocation and delivery of security resources
  • Greater clarity of responsibilities and expectations for protecting resources
  • Increased situational awareness to ensure that critical decisions are based on relevant information and delivered proactively to prevent exposures

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