Our Internet: World Wide, Deep, and Dark

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What exactly is the internet?” In simple terms, what we call the “Internet” is a network of networks, computers connected to and communicating with other computers. As it turns out, being on the internet goes way beyond a Google search, a Facebook message, or an email.   The World […]

NCS and Mission Multiplier: A Match Made in Cyber Heaven

The National Cyber Summit is next week on June 5th through 7th, and don’t think for a second that we won’t be there to represent the best business in Huntsville: Mission Multiplier. When Mission Multiplier first arrived on the Huntsville scene, the National Cyber Summit immediately caught the attention of Jamie Miller, CEO of Mission […]

NCS 2018: Know Before You Go

There are two things that make Huntsville unique among other cities. First, it’s a tech-tropolis for business and military institutions. Second, it is home to the National Cyber Summit. This year’s National Cyber Summit will be held June 5-7 in Huntsville’s Von Braun Center. The Summit is the preeminent annual event for cyber training, education, […]

Diversification by Reach (CyberReach)

Diversity is defined as the condition of having or being composed of differing elements or qualities. Workforce diversity is something the field of cybersecurity sorely needs. As with any industry, cybersecurity benefits from having a wide variety of people from which to gather as many innovative and creative perspectives as possible. Angela Rittenbach, founder of […]

Passwords are a Funny1! Thing

Passwords really are a funny thing. We create a key that unlocks an account, but if someone finds out what that key looks like, that person will have access. The scary thing? It’s not that difficult. It’s recommended that we choose a password that is easy to remember while fitting the criterium given by the […]

1FA, 2FA, 3FA, 4: A Primer on Multi-Factor Authentication

Our information is important to us. Doesn’t matter if it’s our emails, bank information, social media credentials, or our phone passwords. It all matters. So how can we protect our information even when it seems hackers hold the winning cards? Authentication processes can vary from program to program, and almost all of them try to […]

Up in the Clouds: Benefits and Risks of Cloud Computing

So much of what we do today is on the cloud, but do you actually understand the basic benefits and risks of using cloud services? Thanks to the now-ubiquitous usage of cloud computing, many people have derived a general idea of what the cloud is: a means of storing and accessing data online. Many Apple […]

Stuck in the Middle(ware)

You may have never heard of it, but it’s been on your computer the whole time. It’s called middleware, and it deserves a little more spotlight than it gets. What is Middleware? Middleware is any software that connects the operating system and kernel to the other applications on the device, and it is often described […]

Some R.U.F.F. Young Men

When I was growing up, life was pretty different than it is now. It was the cusp of the technology age and the sound of dial-up filled our homes. Modern times have brought us phones that double as computers and, with that, children who have never known a life without advanced technology. Many of these […]

Tombstones and Twitter Feeds: Social Media After You Die

For centuries, man has pondered what comes after death. many answers have arisen, but there’s still one question that might not have crossed your mind. What happens to my profile after I die? We spend hours on crafting our social media profiles to put them on display for our friends, family, and coworkers. We put […]