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Some R.U.F.F. Young Men


When I was growing up, life was pretty different than it is now. It was the cusp of the technology age and the sound of dial-up filled our homes. Modern times have brought us phones that double as computers and, with that, children who have never known a life without advanced technology. Many of these modern kids know how to work their way around a computer, but have no exposure to life skills that many of us take for granted. That’s where Anthony Graham decided to make his impact.

In 2010, Ready yoUrself For the Future (R.U.F.F.) was founded with the mission of fostering the development of young men. Whether it be by tying a tie, cooking a steak, or changing a tire, these boys learn life skills that will ensure that they will become active and impactful additions to society. The 4-year program for grades 5 through 8 aims to increase life skills, facilitate a love for philanthropy, and teach social skills. From Teachable Tuesdays to Biscuits & Bros, R.U.F.F. provides these young men with plenty of entertaining opportunities to develop and grow with like-minded individuals.

Mission Multiplier was pleased to have Anthony, retired teacher and R.U.F.F. Founder, speak on behalf of the organization at our most recent team meeting. We discussed what inspired him to create R.U.F.F. and how the program has impacted the young men in the Madison, Alabama area. The takeaway? We need more organizations like R.U.F.F. that will help kids navigate today’s society and come out stronger on the other side.


“It’s hard for teachers to find out what’s going on in children’s lives when you have 90 students…The kids don’t come from broken homes, [they come from] a broken society.”

Anthony Graham, R.U.F.F. Founder


Be on the lookout for R.U.F.F.’s TopGolf event this October. In the meantime, check out the R.U.F.F. website at Links to donate and get involved can be found on the homepage.

Thank you to Anthony for speaking to our team. We look forward to seeing our community improve due to the work R.U.F.F. is doing!

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