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Red Team & Penetration Testing

Mission Multiplier utilizes a lethally effective mix of cyber experts, methodologies, and enemy perspectives to deliver the best Red Team and penetration testing capabilities possible.

With penetration testing from Mission Multiplier, you can see the good, the bad, and the ugly in relation to the security of your network or website. Let our professionals help you identify the critical adjustments you need to make to address your most critical security concerns.

Credentialed Experts...

Mission Multiplier’s team of credentialed security experts can address all of your penetration testing needs, with particular focus on four main spectrums:

  • Internet Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Database Security
  • Physical Security

With Methodical Execution

Our experts have developed a proven penetration testing methodology based on the “Order of Attack” principle. We identify vulnerable nodes along the path to the target. We exploit those weaknesses to the fullest extent possible.

The process repeats itself until the objective is met. This iterative method is extremely effective in uncovering security flaws in even the strongest environments.

Using a Hacker's Approach

The lethality of this methodology is due in no small part to the fact that our experts approach penetration and application testing the same way as a hacker. We identify the same vulnerabilities that skilled hackers might find, giving you the best chance possible to defend yourself against your enemies.

We start with the same tools that hackers use. This toolkit is augmented with our dedicated, seasoned staff. They are equipped with specially developed scripts to execute advanced exploits.

Through the use of these tools and scripts, our experts identify and exploit weaknesses to expand access into the remainder of the network until the target systems are reached or the identified goals are achieved.

Just like the world’s most elite hackers.

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