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Cybersecurity Tools

Mission Multiplier is leading the way in innovative and inexpensive cyber tools to help organizations manage technical security requirements like routine vulnerability scanning and log management.

MARS Suite captures near real-time security information to effectively and efficiently manage risk, enable the prioritization of resources, facilitate more informed decision-making, and reduce cost.

We have worked with Mission Multiplier as a partner and as a customer of MARS Suite for its scanning and SIEM capabilities. Mission Multiplier is a great partner who consistently brings highly qualified resources to the table.”

Tim Strait, President and Co-Founder

StraitSys, Inc.

Taming SIEM Chaos
MARS Suite Logo

Read the story of our joint venture with All Points to develop a SIEM solution for small- to mid-sized businesses pursuing CMMC Compliance.

Data Sheet
MARS Suite Capabilities Overview

SIEM solution to revolutionize your cyber risk management

Customer Story
Research Center Improves Visibility and Cyber Threat Mitigation

MARS Suite empowers a paradigm shift in how a research center manages cyber threats.

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