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MARS Suite

Simplify your cyber risk scoring, prioritize situational understanding, optimize your cyber posture and resource allocation, and achieve CMMC compliance with our SIEM solution.

MARS Suite enables organizations to combat potential threats and adversaries by ingesting data from disparate IT sensors and scanners, tracking asset criticality, cross-referencing interrelated data, summarizing it, generating data driven risk scores, developing configurable reports and data visualizations on mission-relevant findings from various software and hardware perspectives.

Make Data Driven Decisions With Simplified Risk Scoring

Focus your time and resources on eliminating vulnerabilities and threats, not on deciphering complicated security reports. MARS Suite combines enterprise-wide continuous monitoring with letter grade risk scoring in a dynamic dashboard, giving you an intuitive view of your entire organization’s real-time cyber risk posture.

Enhance Situational Understanding With Enterprise-Wide Actionable Intelligence​

Discover how much easier it is to prioritize your decisions and actions when you have enterprise-wide situational understanding. MARS Suite delivers a clear picture of your infrastructure and critical assets, allowing you to move effortlessly from strategic, to tactical, to operational decision making.​

Improve Your Cyber Posture and Operational Efficiencies With Optimized Resource Allocation

Shift from point solutions and overwhelming workloads to a streamlined risk management platform. MARS Suite can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, scale dynamically to fit your needs, and automate traditionally manual or inefficient systems to save you valuable time and resources.​

Start minimizing your company's cyber risk
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