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Celebrating Community Support – Mission Multiplier Honored by R. Fathers M.A.D.


Mission Multiplier was honored to be recognized by R. Fathers M.A.D. (Real Fathers Making A Difference) Inc. for our charitable giving and long-time support.

R. Fathers M.A.D., Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to assisting youth in realizing their full academic potential and achieving their education goals. With a particular focus on providing guidance, leadership, and life skills to those facing the absence of fathers or limited positive male influences, R. Fathers M.A.D. aims to make a positive impact on their lives. By identifying youth and families going through challenging phases, the organization offers invaluable support within both the home and school system. The ultimate objective is to rekindle the commitment to education, foster a positive outlook on life, cultivate moral and ethical values, enhance self-esteem, and enrich parenting skills. Through their comprehensive programs, R. Fathers M.A.D., Inc. seeks to empower these individuals, equipping them for a prosperous future and facilitating positive transformation within their communities.

We are proud to support such an inspiring organization. A special thanks goes out to Coach L.C. Smith for his inspirational work to lead R. Fathers M.A.D. and empower the next generation of community leaders. We also want to thank Kenneth Anderson for emceeing a powerful celebration of support, inclusion, and community. We are so grateful to be part of the R. Fathers M.A.D. family!

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