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Insights on Tabletop Exercises for Cybersecurity of Space Systems


At Mission Multiplier, we are committed to providing practical cybersecurity solutions to our clients, especially when it comes to critical information systems. One area of increasing concern is the cybersecurity of space systems, which are becoming increasingly diverse in their applications and therefore more susceptible to cyber-attacks.

To address this concern, our very own Philomena Compton has been sharing her expertise on the use of Tabletop Exercises (TTXs) as a practical solution to improve cybersecurity measures for space systems. Her presentations provide valuable insights into the vulnerabilities of satellites and the need for robust cybersecurity measures in the development and deployment of space systems.

In addition to being a Business Development Leader at Mission Multiplier, Philomena has a background in education and IT networking, holds multiple degrees including a Master’s in Cybersecurity Management from Murray State University, and is currently earning her doctorate in Cybersecurity Management at St. Thomas University. Her technical background, research focus, and experience in cybersecurity management in space systems make her an ideal speaker for businesses, government agencies, and military organizations. Her presentations also offer practical solutions to attendees, including access to presented slides, resources, and tools for executing a TTX.

At Mission Multiplier, we believe that education is crucial to protecting our clients’ valuable information and systems. We highly recommend the use of TTXs to simulate real-world scenarios, test responses, identify gaps in cybersecurity measures, and improve incident response.

Philomena’s talks on space system cyber resiliency have been both informative and practical, making her an invaluable asset to our team and our clients. We encourage anyone interested in improving their cybersecurity measures related to space systems to attend one of Philomena’s presentations and benefit from her expertise on the topic.

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