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The Mission Multiplier Manifesto


One of the primary reasons our CEO, Jamie Miller, decided to walk away from very lucrative and stable employment opportunities at big management consultancies and cybersecurity-focused organizations to start his own company was because he truly wanted to make a difference. It might sound cheesy, but he had a realization that there was more to work than just billing hours, driving revenue, writing proposals, and building a pipeline. Although he was inherently passionate about the cybersecurity work that he was performing, helping to solve his clients’ cyber-related problems, he felt disconnected with the broader community, and even at times with his clients – who saw him and his team as nothing more than mechanisms to get what they needed.

Outside of the espoused values many organization apply to “community focus”, most organizations are not truly invested in transforming the community, but are more focused on offering assistance when it is convenient. While some progressive companies even boast that they sponsor their workforce for a “Community Day”, a day where employees can get their hands dirty and help out local charitable causes, this is only one day a year. This begs the question – “What happens the other 364 days of the year?” – and other more powerful questions:

  • Why is community focus and involvement left to not-for-profit organizations?
  • Is it possible to be a for-profit organization, and truly drive positive community-level transformation?
  • How can for-profit organizations maintain the revenue they need to survive, but at the same time make positive impact in the community and “make a difference”?

After much thoughtful deliberation, the answer to these questions resulted in the creation of Mission Multiplier. The company was founded on a revolutionary business model – a model that directly ties profits to community sharing. More specifically, the business model is constructed such that a percentage of every Mission Multiplier employee’s bill rate is directed to a local, not-for-profit, charitable organization of the employee’s choice – essentially helping to fund an organization (and cause) that is truly meaningful to the employee. In this way, each employee is incentivized to not only support their client’s mission, but also their own personal mission.

Mission Multiplier is founded on the vision “to become the most preeminent “for profit – for purpose” IT and Cyber company in the world”. Building on this vision, our goal is to multiply the successes that our clients achieve against their respective missions, while simultaneously enabling the missions of our employees – with the end result of serving and enriching our communities. In this way, each person and organization involved becomes a Mission Multiplier.

If you, your organization or company, or someone you know would like to learn more about Mission Multiplier, our unique business model, or would interested in working for a values-driven organization, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can be reached at and at our web site at

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